Someone Who Has Impacted My Life

Shanel Fortney

Journal Entry 1


Based on “The Men We Carry in Our Minds” by Scott Russell Sanders, Describe someone who has impacted your life.

My mom has made the biggest impact on my life. She is not only my mom but she is my best friend. Standing next to her, you can easily tell she is my mom.  She is an amazing business woman. She is the type of mom that is a mom to everyone. We were not close in my teenage year’s; as an adult we have grown closer. She has a big heart and i hope to be her when i grow up.

If we are out in public, right away people know she is my mom. She is tad bit shorter than me and a little overweight for her age. We both have small features; small ears and small nose. She is a woman in her 60’s, but she looks young for her age. A gene that that is strong in the family. On a typical day; you will catch her in her office, but she hates being in there for too long. She has a small marking on her nose from years of wearing glasses. Even though she doesn’t need them anymore, she wears them to help her in the office. If it’s a warm sunny day, she will be outside. Her wardrobe mainly consists of capri pants, flip flops and tshirts. She has medium length blonde hair, but likes to keep a little grey in it. Even though i have dark blue eyes, she has warm green eyes. She has a tiny bit of wrinkles around her eyes when she smiles. She has freckles and small sunspots on her face; Evidence she grew up in Hawaii. The daughter of a marine she traveled from Hawaii to California. She has soft, tan skin all the time.

She has run the family business since i was in kindergarten. My dad invented a product and if it wasn’t for my mom, it wouldn’t be nearly as big as it is now. I can tell when she is on the phone and nervous for some reason because she can’t stay in one place. She will walk up and down the halls talking with the phone to on her ear. When i was in Medical Assistant School, i would go in one room to study and she would follow. Pacing back and forth in front of the door and then from the front of the house to the back of the house. I would go in another room and two minutes later, she would walk in. She does this without even realizing it. When my siblings and i were all in the same house, it would get loud. She would be on the phone shaking her fist and snapping her fingers at us. It was our que to be quiet or go somewhere else. She worked hard for the business and worked even harder as a mom. When you work from home, you truly don’t get days off. If it’s one person who deserves a vacation, it’s her.

When my brother’s and i were in high school, they were very active in water polo. She was a mom to the whole team. She was either making bowls and bowls of spaghetti or we were cracking eggs for breakfast taco’s for the team. Even in our adult years; she makes sure everyone is okay, even with our friends. Countless times she helped my friends and their families even when she shouldn’t have. Growing up, i was closer with my dad. My mom, my dad and i moved to texas after my freshman year of high school. We had some rough times here in Texas and it made my mom and I closer. I am now a single mom of 2 kids. She is not only a grandparent but she is the second parent to my girls. She does way more than she should. One day i will become the woman i am supposed to be, and i hope it’s being her.



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