Where i live “Growing up on Nameless Rd”


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Growing up on Nameless Rd.


After my freshman year of High School; I moved from Lake Forest, California to small town Leander, Texas. That was back in 2001, before all the Californians moved here. We moved into a 50 acre ranch on Nameless Rd. It was a culture shock that was for sure, but I grew to love it. Everyday i get to witness amazing sunsets off my back porch. My family and I would have endless nights of festivities. We raised livestock and every year my mom and I worked on a garden. Living on a 50 acre ranch on Nameless Rd, is my tiny slice of heaven.

The yard mainly consists of grass with large areas of brown where grass refuses to grow. It has a wrap around cement porch, with white brick stone like columns. As you walk around the porch it leads to the back where we have a picnic table. Looking out over the back yard, you see about 4 acres of unlevel ground. We have a rickety old barbwire fence that separates the rest of the land. You look out over the tree line to see a forest of cedar trees sprinkled with old oak trees.To the left we have another small house that was once a shed. To the far right we have a pond that dries up every year. Off in the distance we have the hill country as our backdrop, and It has endless hill after giant hill extending all the way to Lago Vista. It’s perfect for sitting and watching the sun go down over the hills. With clouds stretched across the sky, the sun goes down. The sun creates an illusion of fire going across the clouds. When the weather is not so great, the sky looks as if red and purple paint has spilled across the horizon. Living out in the country; the stars are endless. The sky and the stars are clearer without being touched or polluted by city lights. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a hectic day.

On most Fridays; my cousins and their families would get off of work, pick up their kids from school and head over to our house. It was the halfway point for most of them, making it easier to see everyone and socialize . All the women sit on the porch, drinking wine, gossiping and laughing. Our driveway is about a quarter of a mile long. The men always stand at their trucks, beer in hand. They talk about their work, reminisce the good ole day’s and make fun of each other. You can hear their laughter echo through the hills. Sometimes when you look at them it’s like an episode of “King of the Hill”. The children would be running around chasing each other or getting into things covered in dirt. There are times when we have to take tractors and clear land and trees. When the piles get big enough and the weather was cold enough; we would have enormous bonfires. We would all go to the clearing, sit on tailgates of trucks and just watch. Kids would be throwing things in the fire or trying to roast marshmallows. It was a great way to start a weekend.

We like to put our 50 acres to good use. We had horses, cattle, chickens and pygmy goats. We never used the cows or bulls for meat or milk; we had them just to have them. We collected eggs from the chickens. My dad bought me a horse to teach me to ride. I pretty much taught myself with a few lessons my mom payed for. One horse we took in was a rescue horse. She had been neglected; terrible hygiene and skin and bones from not being fed properly. Police had no where to put her and to be honest, I had feeling they didn’t want to deal with the hassle of finding where to put her. We brought her back to health and is now being used to teach kids to ride. Every year my mom and I would tear up the garden we started the previous year, and figure out ways to make it better. We would grow anything with seeds and see how long it would last. We would have rows of tomatoes, watermelon and our peach tree. There was never “im bored” in my house.

Being a typical teenager; i resented it have to keep up with the animals. I didn’t want to do any of the chore work that needed to be done. I just wanted to be a lazy teenager watching cartoons on the couch. Being an adult I would love to have all of that again. When people find out where I live they talk about how far away it is like it’s a burden.We live away enough from the Austin chaos but close enough to participate in the festivals such as ACL fest and South by Southwest. The surrounding cities are getting bigger and flooded with construction. We are far out enough that it has barely touched us, but that is changing fast. My dad passed away about 10 years ago. I have a theory he chose this place for a reason. It was his American dream to live away from it all, and i will never let it go.


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