America Living In The Past




Based on “Grant and Lee: A Study In Contrasts” by Bruce Catton

How America Is Living In The Past.

This assignment was hard for me. I am asked to read an essay about a war from America’s past and find the silver lining for both sides. How do you find the silver lining for any kind of war?. One side is good and one side is evil no matter what side of the war you are on. People fight for both sides and people lose their lives for both sides. The essay i had to read did a good job, however none of the points listed struck me. The one thing i did take from this is America lives in the past. Both American generals fought hard for their beliefs and both men sat down and reconciled their differences for peace.

General Robert E. Lee fought for wanting to keep everything the same. Going backwards for the nation. He wanted the nation to live a way of life that came down from knighthood and the english squire. Wanted to keep classes of people and slavery. He lived in the past and couldn’t grasp the changing world.

Ulysses S. Grant fought for future and his vision on how he wanted the nation to stand. He felt privileges each man had won, won for himself. No man was handed anything. No man was born into anything. Man and woman were born strictly on the chance to show how far he could rise. Life was competition. Men and women are free to chose how they live with no boundaries.

Reading all of that sounds familiar. It is what we are fighting today. America has separated itself. Some people want to live backward and some want to live forward. Some people want change and some people want to change the wrong things. We fight each other, point fingers and anyone who disagrees with you is labeled. If it’s one thing America needs is to agree to disagree. To sit down, examine the problems and find a way to be united. To way out pro’s and con’s. To compromise and find peace.


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