How Movie Theater’s Are Better.





Going To The Movies

Going to a movie theater is better than seeing a movie at home. I feel like a lot of people would disagree but here is my reasons why. You get to watch a good movie on a big screen with surround sound. Going to movies as a family is a perfect way to spend time together. The best part about going to a movie theater is getting a bucket full of buttery popcorn. At a movie theater, you get a big screen, you spend time with the family and of course, the snacks.

I am the person that saw “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” five times in a movie theater. They have so many different ways to see it on a big screen these days. You have imax or 3D, where you feel like you’re in the movie. Listening to the effects in surround sound makes it sound like spaceships are zooming past you. Knowing I would never get a chance to see it like that again, I watched the movie in theaters as many times as I could. Being in a big dark room and free from distractions, you get the best experience. My favorite part is in the beginning, when Finn and Rey are running from storm troopers, bombs of sand are going off all around them as they run to get on a ship. When getting “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at home and watching it on the small screen, I didn’t get the same spine tingly feeling. TV’s are expensive so if you don’t have a big screen, you don’t get the same visual effect. If you don’t have a surround sound system in your living room you have to settle for the speakers on your TV.  Watching and listening to the movie at home is not the same.

Going to see a movie is the perfect excuse to get out of the house. I always buy my tickets online, so there is no waiting in line. To make a night of it, we go eat dinner before the movie. At a movie theater you have no distractions. On Tuesday’s our local Cinemark has five dollar movies, so we make it an excuse to get out and see a movie.The movie theater is in a shopping center with all kinds of stores and restaurants. When we get out of the movie, my girls and I walk to Baskin Robbins and get ice cream. Being a single mom of two girls, it gets crazy in my house. When I have a day full of laundry, cooking dinner and doing the dishes, life gets too hectic to sit down and watch a movie. I have to juggle my girls fighting, my dogs barking and my washing machine going and I can never hear the movie. 

The best part about going to the movies is the popcorn and snacks. You get a big bucket of popcorn and make it as buttery as you want. My oldest daughter loves a lot of butter and has a little trick. She gets a straw, puts it in the middle of the popcorn and then pours the butter down the straw so the butter gets in the middle of the popcorn. I have never been able to duplicate movie theater popcorn at home. We love going to Alamo Drafthouse or Moviehouse and Eatery because you can sit, watch a movie and be served as if you’re at a restaurant. If I were to do that at home, I would have to take the time to cook dinner, then do the dishes and clean up the dinner mess. When all of that is said and done, it is too late to watch a 2-3 hour movie. Usually my daughters fall asleep in the first 10 mins, and it makes me just want to go to bed.

I have always loved movies, and I would always sit on the couch and watch movies with my dad. I grew up watching western movies and I know all the John Wayne classics. I have seen Tombstone so many times, i know the movie by heart. When you go to the movie theater, you get to experience movie magic on a whole other level. The excitement when the lights dim and the music starts to rise. I am also the person that gets excited during the previews, I have mini freak outs when I see movies that will be on the big screen soon. I am willing to bet I will watch Wonder Woman 5 times as soon as it comes out. You get to see your favorite characters come to life. At a movie theater, it’s just you and the movie.


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